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Phebe Phillips is a Texas author best known for her past creation of exquisite stuffed toys sold for twenty-five-years at Neiman Marcus and other retailers. She created Piper the Puppy for the American Red Cross raising $800,000. through Piper’s sales for support to those in need of ARC services. From 1992 – 2010, spanning four U.S. Presidents, thousands of Phebe’s creative stuffed rabbits were used as decorations and donations at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Phebe is a fifth generation Texan. She grew up as an only child with a creative mother and a business-minded father in the small town of Gilmer. She graduated in Film and Journalism from Southern Methodist University where she took a writing class with legendary Texas journalist and award-winning author, the late Billy Porterfield, who encouraged her to develop her writer’s voice.

Her work for young readers explores positive themes of growth, happiness and overcoming limitations. Like her past toy line, her themes are designed for children, yet possess an intellectual depth appealing to adults. 

For her adult audience Phebe writes poetry and short stories that illuminate the wonder and perplexity of life. Ending each poem with the word PERIOD is a signature of her work. Her poetry is published in literary publications worldwide. Pilot’s Story, her darkest poem, is published in Beyond the Hill ‘A Stunning Collection of War Poetry’ by Lost Tower Publications. For her personal enjoyment she produces many of her poems into audio poetry available on her website.

Phebe lives in Dallas with her husband, Mac Hargrove and a cat named Harold-of-God—a striped tabby who walked out of his stray-kitten-life and into her studio. 


Commencement Address at TWU

On May 14, 2010, Phebe Phillips was honored to give the commencement address titled “Everything is Perfect…I Changed” to approximately 3000 attendees at the College of Arts and Sciences of Texas Women’s University. At the link below is the video of her address, the bio that was printed in the program and the speech as originally written and given by Phebe.

Click here to see Phebe’s TWU Commencement Address



ABC Radio Network

On Sunday, November 19, 2006 Phebe was the guest of host by Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork. Each show is a showcase for introducing dynamic women from all over North America and New York Times best-selling authors, who share insights, strategies and ideas for personal and professional growth.


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